About the Course

 The course covers fundamental concepts and immerses participants in the practical application of a variety of toolsets, digital resources and strategies for course planning, design as well as creative facilitation and innovative assessment. It espouses the values of gender-awareness, inclusion and participatory engagement: peer to peer, peer to tools, peer to print and digital resources, and peer to resource persons. It uses a range of teaching tools such as case studies, simulations, concept maps, and authentic tasks to lead participants to uncover opportunities for experience sharing, critical thinking, problem solving, collaboration and reflection in a flexible manner.  The course is interactive, responsive, and gender sensitive and inclusive. It is responsive to the contexts and circumstances of the target audience and can be accessed on various equipment including computers, laptops, ipads and smart phones.

 Approach and Duration

 This online course is delivered over a period of two weeks encompassing a series of self-paced activities organised in asynchronous and synchronous sessions (three short live sessions). The training is preceded by a two-day preparatory engagement and an open ended post-training period.

 Who can participate?

 Academics who are interested in drawing on technology and pedagogy to broaden the learning space and to create and deliver exceptional learning moments for their students online. Those interested in pursuing a journey - from simple to complex, reinforcing what they know and exploring new tools, strategies and multimedia resources to create meaningful learning experiences that are immediately transferable to their courses to impact student learning outcomes positively.


Expected Outcomes


The course is expected to enhance the capacity, confidence, values and attitudes of academics to adapt innovative pedagogy online and in blended mode. It will motivate and sustain active and inclusive online communities of academics that promote continuous learning in and outside classroom walls. An enriched and stable teaching and learning experience is indispensable for accelerating the attainment of 21st-century skills, maximising learning outcomes among students and producing quality graduates.