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What is SPHEIR?

SPHEIR is a new £45 million FCDO fund to support higher education transformation in focus countries in Sub-Saharan Africa, Asia, and the Middle East.

It aims to deliver systemic and sustainable change within higher education systems, enabling them to meet labour market needs and generate the job-ready, entrepreneurial graduates needed to accelerate development, build inclusive societies and promote strong economic growth.

Delivering transformative change

SPHEIR will focus on embedding change at the systemic level. By nurturing innovation and scaling up effective solutions, SPHEIR aims to deliver strategic and transformative change in higher education systems to ensure sustainable impact across its focus countries.

The SPHEIR approach;

SPHEIR aims to transform the quality, relevance, scale, accessibility and affordability of higher education by catalysing and funding diverse, multi-faceted partnerships. These large-scale partnerships will work collaboratively across different sectors and countries to deliver new and creative solutions to major issues facing higher education. They will encourage and bring on board new types of collaborators to support higher education reform, with a particular emphasis on engaging the private sector. SPHEIR will also draw upon the UK’s world-leading capability and expertise in higher education and innovation, as well as knowledge and expertise from the Global North and South.