Institute of Development Studies


  • IDS fulfills the role of quality assurance and works collaboratively with other PedaL partners to:
  • Participate in collaboratively designing PedaL’s training modules, as well as pedagogical approaches to be adopted by the partner universities
  •  Benchmark the quality standards for design and delivery of PedaL training modules as well as supporting teaching and learning materials, and approaches to assessment of learning outcomes;
  • Strengthen systems and processes design, delivery and institutionalization of pedagogical innovations across partner universities; 
  • Monitor, evaluate and provide feedback on PedaL training activities through a process on ongoing review, including online engagement and support network within the context of African universities;
  • Document and share lessons learnt in assuring the quality of PedaL and provide technical guidance towards the improvement of the content and processes of PedaL;
  • Assure ongoing compliance with general standards on training and certification of similar professional development programmes; and,
  • Assist in exploring and advising on current opportunities, trends, practices and, research and educational networks that add value to the three workstreams of PedaL.

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