University of Ghana


In 2016, the University Of Ghana was ranked highest in Africa outside of South Africa by Times Higher Education. It took the 125th position out of the top 300 universities in 50 countries including China, Brazil, Russia, and India. The university has a strong teaching staff establishment, diverse teaching and learning resources, and good infrastructure that other universities within the network will benefit from. It will also play a key role in mentoring other universities within the network to improve the quality of their programmes. It has a strong south-south and south-north collaborations with a number of fully funded doctoral programmes. It is therefore well placed for introducing pedagogical training for doctoral students. As a leader among peers, it will facilitate access to PedaL in its 18 graduate social science programmes, and to similar programmes in other universities in Ghana and West Africa as a whole. Besides, existing linkages to other universities will also facilitate replication of PedaL, for example, the three-way partnership between the University of Cambridge, University of Ghana and Makerere University which focuses on developing post-doctoral academic excellence in the Social Sciences and Humanities at Makerere University.

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