African Research Universities Alliance


ARUA is be responsible for creating links with 11 of its 16 leading universities within the region to facilitate replication of PedaL: Addis Ababa University, University of Nairobi, Makerere University, University of Lagos, Obafemi Awolowo University, University Cheikh Anta Diop, University of Rwanda, University of Cape Town, University of Kwa-zulu Natal, University of Pretoria, Rhodes University, University of Stellenbosch and University of Witwatersrand. The other 5 are already part of PedaL or linked to PedaL through the collaborative Master of Research and Public Policy programme. ARUA will convene meetings of Vice Chancellors to influence PedaL policy uptake and institutionalization of PedaL in participating universities. It is be the responsibility of ARUA to mobilize resources that drive research on PedaL, specifically to investigate teaching and learning outcomes emerging from exposure to PedaL. The research findings will be used to strengthen PedaL as well as interventions that transform teaching and learning practices in African universities.  ARUA also plays a leading role in policy outreach and engagement of policy makers at national and regional levels.

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